About Us

At Ganesh Capital, we invest in start-up businesses that in some way, large or small, will make the world a better place to live. We provide venture capital, management expertise and operational resources to our business partners. We view the companies we invest in as partners, because by working together towards reaching common goals we can all prosper and flourish together, and enjoy doing so. We believe success in business can be, and should be, enjoyable. Life is short and precious, which is why it is so important to strive to make a positive difference in business and work with people that you genuinely like, trust and mutually respect. Ganesh is an ancient symbol representing success and the removal of obstacles, and is associated with education, knowledge, courage, wisdom and wealth.

Like Ganesh, we aim to inspire our business partners to think big and think profitably; to be open to new ideas and suggestions; and to concentrate and be focused on business execution. We pride ourselves on being a nimble venture capital firm, with the ability to make angel investment decisions very quickly, which we believe is imperative to the long-term success of our business partners in an ever changing, fast-paced business world.

We are excited to invest in entrepreneurs building companies at every stage, from seed to growth, and will consider investments as small as $50,000 to as large as $5,000,000.

Our President